globally limited is a small, project-based art and recording studio in Glendale, Queens.

We offer a variety of services including in-person (solo or supervised) sessions and remote mixing, mastering, and mentorship.

The studio is well-equipped for a variety of applications, including multi-track recording, midi-driven experimentation, and one-on-one production, mixing, mastering, or songwriting sessions.


You might be interested in working with us if you:


Our studio is designed to be a flexible, modular space for making music. Everything is routed through a 192-point patchbay which is designed to work without plugging anything in, but can be endlessly reconfigured to your needs.

By selecting pieces which excel at one particular function, we aim to provide a space that can be used for a wide range of applications without hours of rewiring. You should only have to plug in two USB-C cables and download a couple of drivers to get setup.

🌝 brand model description 🔑
🌑 Fender Rhodes 73 You are now floating in space 🎹
🌒 Akai MPD 49 Midi keyboard with plenty of knobs and faders 🎹
🌓 UA 610 Preamp for vocals clean, DI instruments 📻
🌔 Access Virus Ti2 3 oscillator poly-synth with multi-effects and a fun arp 🎹
🌕 Motu 16A low latency 16-channel audio interface 💻
🌖 Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 DJ Mixer with eq, filters, effects, used mostly for aux sends and busing 🎛
🌖 Warm 273 SSL preamp clone with EQ and overdrive. Great for DI Guitar and Bass 📻
🌘 Yamaha TX-802 8 DX7's in a box with an iPad to control it 💻
🌑 Traynor YBA-1A Wonferfully noisy tube amp for bass and guitar 📻
🌒 Marantz PMD-420 3-deck tape machine with overdrive and limiting. Sounds really nice on drums and bass 📻
🌓 Soundcraft Fx16ii All analog mixer with individual post-eq/fader channel outs, lexicon effects, and three aux sends 🎛
🌔 Akai MPC 1000 Classic drum machine for hip hop and house, with JJOSX2L installed 🎚️
🌕 Roland TR8-s Intuitive drum machine with infinite tweak-ability 🎚️
🌖 Motu Midi Express XT Midi interface with matrix routing 💻
🌖 ERM Multiclock German-precision midi clock 💻
🌘 Tama Superstar Kick drum and toms 🥁
🌑 Ludwig Black Beauty Tight snare drum for funk and jazz 🥁
🌒 Zildjian 13" Hi-hats For syncopation 🥁
🌓 Zildjian Ping Ride A ride with resonance 🥁
🌔 Assorted Percussion Instruments Shakers, Wood blocks, bells, and many other fun things to hit 🥁
🌕 Make Noise 0-Coast, 0-CTRL, and Strega creative semi-modular synthesis and sequencing workstation 🔮
🌖 Line 6 Delay DL4 Intuitive looping now with midi sync 🔮
🌖 Boss BX-800 Analog 80s mixer with attitude 🎛
🌘 Yamaha HS 5+7s Decent studio monitors 🔊
🌑 Dangerous Source easy-to-use monitoring and audio I/O switcher 🎛
🌒 Whitney Spinet Piano Lives upstairs but can be recorded in a supervised session 🎹
🌓 Pioneer XDJ-1000 Lives upstairs but can be used in a supervised session 🎛
🌔 Rode NT-1A Condenser mic for vocals 🎤
🌕 Rode M5 Small diaphragm condenser mic for drums + percussion 🎤
🌖 Shure SM 57+58s Workhorses 🎤
🌖 Shure Beta-52A Kick drum mic 🎤
🌘 Golden Age Fc4 Stereo condenser mics good for for overheads / room sounds 🎤

patchbay / midi routing

You can explore the current state of our patchbay / midi-routing below:


We use Ableton for most of our work, but are also comfortable with Logic and love learning new DAWs.

As programmers, we can also build custom tools to make art and music, like generative midi in python, euclidean rhythms with sonic-pi, 3D worlds in javascript or spooky computer choruses with our open-source instrument saysynth. We've also started playing around a bit with Max for Live and are eager to experiment more with building our own instruments and effects for reuse.

We tend to hoard plugins, so we probably have the one you need, including gems fom Waves, Soundtoys, Valhalla, Tal, iZotope, UAD and others. If there's something in particular you're looking for, let us know and we'll see if we can find it for cheap 😈


The space is quiet and cozy, tucked underground with natural light filtering in through glass bricks. There's a large couch and plush carpet to stretch out on (sorry about the floofy lint in advance!), two expansive desks, a private bathroom with a shower. And if you're lucky, you might get a visit from the studio pets Ashley 🐕 and Lola 🐾

reserve a session

We're usually open for 1/2 or full-day sessions on weekends, and can be flexible during weekday evenings. We're also available for custom work and collaborations.

If you have a project in mind, check out our calendar below to book a session, or email us at hey [at] gltd [dot] email.

Rates are give-what-you-can, with a suggested range of $15-30/hr. We're also open to bartering and knowledge-shares.